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Champs in a Bubble - 2020 and 2021 Artistic Gymnastics European Championships in a State of Emergency

„In my experience, artistic gymnasts are not among those people who can be easily brought in line …“ – „…aim of this book is to shake up the current thinking … an important sports book – especially now in times of massive and sustained political influence on fundamental rights and freedoms in particular and in a specific way on those of the athletes .“

From the forewords. Hardcover, critically commented illustrated book more than 190 photos on 120 pages in color, A4, including lists of results.

The book about the European Championships 2020 in Mersin and 2021 in Basel introduces the experiences by the author when the crisis began: in the middle of a World Cup in Azerbaijan.

While thinking at first it could have been a real pandemic completely different backgrounds crystallized with time. Gymnastics events were cancelled, false infection numbers were reported and deaths were renamed into alleged "corona-deaths" to keep people terrified to disguise the long-planned reconstruction of the world. 

Sarcasm and satire are also not neglected in the book, for example when the author shows the "tricks" of the athletes how they circumvent mandatory mask wearing which has been freed from meaning: different "models" become "Introduced" in the illustrated book by judges and athletes. "Nasty" comparisons are made between lab rats and gymnasts when the latter are also penetrated with the injectables. With a small digression on gender madness and ideological coercion, the author addresses the issue in Basel for the first time internationally exhibited "gym tubes" that are to ban natural eroticism from sport. 

It is not left unmentioned that the organizers of the two European Championships, despite the global totalitarianism, have mastered the challenges in best ways and provided the athletes with exemplary conditions. Despite all the imponderables, a look into the future gives reason for hope.

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